Sunday, May 13, 2012

Disney/Pixar Characters on It's A Small World

How do you guys feel about changing classic Disney rides? I am split on the issue. I think it's important to keep the rides and parks relevant for new audiences, and I understand that they can't simply keep adding new rides; besides prohibitive operating costs, there's the issue of space as well. I also look forward to looking out for little changes; it's one of the many things that keeps repeat visits feeling new and fresh. That being said, I wish they could keep certain rides the same forever! I don't mind the addition of Jack Sparrow to Pirates of the Caribbean, but I think I'd have been just as happy if they kept the ride the same, and don't even get me started on the People Movers and Carousel of Progress; if they brought those back to Disneyland, I'd be over the moon, and those are two of my favorite things to do at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. 

One of the new-to-me changes on my last trip to Disneyland (which was nearly two years ago!) was the addition of Disney and Pixar characters to It's A Small World. As one of Disney's most iconic rides, I'd come to think that It's A Small World was untouchable. However, I have to admit, it's never been one of my favorite rides, and I mostly get on the boat once each visit out of a sense of obligation. Therefore, I was delighted to realize that they'd incorporated some beloved Disney characters into the ride as figurines. I think it was done really well, and meshes nicely with the original ride's theme and style. Have you had a chance to see them  yet? Here are pictures of some of the figures I was able to take; I may have missed some, let me know of any other spottings in the comments! 

The Three Cabelleros! 


Lilo & Stitch!

Woody & Jessie! 
It's a cute idea, and looking out for the Disney characters adds a new element of interest for me. As of my last trip to Disney World (a year ago), it seems like that ride has been left untouched. I wonder if they will add these figurines into that version as well? Anyone know if any of the other parks have done this?

I hope Disney parks never stop evolving, as long as they remember to keep enough of the original elements intact that it doesn't start feeling like a different park. One of the best things about Disney parks are their connection to the past.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

To All Who Come To This Happy Place- Welcome!

Hi Everyone,

Not much to see as of yet, but welcome to my blog! Another Disney blog? Yup! I know there is no shortage of wonderful blogs devoted to everything Disney, but I felt the need to add my two cents. As a kid, I grew up loving everything Disney, but especially the theme parks. As an adult, my passion for the parks has just grown. I spend a lot of time reading about Disney parks, planning trips there, and daydreaming about what my next visit will hold. I finally realized that a lot of what makes Disney special to me-- namely, the small details that immerse you in the experience-- aren't really discussed on a large scale. Sure, nearly everyone who loves spending time at Disney parks notices these things, and many bloggers allude to them when writing about their experiences, but most of the things that get me really excited are things that you might not notice on a first or second look. So that's what this blog is for; a place to get caught up in all of the little things that make a visit to Disneyland (or any other Disney park, for that matter) a truly unique and immersive magical experience.

Until my next post...